New offices, new cars and a big refurbishment!

We’re only in the first few months of 2014 but it has already been a busy and exciting year here; not only have we had our whole head office in St Neots completely refurbished, but we’ve also opened new offices in St Albans and London. On top of that, Mark recently picked up our brand new Mini Clubvan after waiting three months for the delivery of them!

St Neots Office

We’ve invested £20k on the refurbishment and expansion of our St Neots office and it is now fitted with the latest technology to ensure we can give the quickest and most efficient service to our customers. Furthermore, it is now a paper-free office, adhering to our commitment to corporate environmental responsibility. We’d love for customers and anyone interested to visit the office, firstly to look through our supplier brochures and chat to an engineer about their requirements but also so we can show it off!

St Albans and London

We’ve also recently opened new offices in St Albans and London in response to increased demand in these areas which is very exciting. See here for the addresses and contact numbers for your local office!

New Wheels!

You may have also seen our Facebook post about the new Mini Clubvan which has caused much excitement within the Marross team (boys and their toys…). We’re really pleased with how it looks wrapped in our logo and it has great fuel economy so it’s a perfect addition to our existing fleet of smart cars! It’s a distinctive van so be sure to give us a beep and a tweet @marrosslimited if you see us around!



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