Where There’s Smoke…

Marross central heating specialists offer safety checks

The kitchen where the fire started.

We recently saw this story (via Kirby_Property) about a landlord who was fined £36,000 when a property of his burned down – because it didn’t meet current fire safety standards.

Get Checked

As well as our domestic work, we also work with letting agents and property management companies, and offer a comprehensive smoke alarm safety check. We ensure the operation and positioning of smoke alarms is correct, and also provide a document detailing our findings and recommendations. There is a minimal charge (don’t roll your eyes like that, it really is minimal – just £5 + VAT) and our engineers test the batteries and replace them if less than 50% power is left.

Reports and Recommendations

Our engineers always carry new batteries and smoke alarms for replacements (though we do charge extra for the batteries and alarms if required). We always make recommendations based on individual circumstances – for example, if a tenant has a great deal of electrical equipment in their bedrooms we advise an additional smoke alarm. These findings are detailed in our report.

Better Safe

So don’t leave it to chance, or leave yourself open to a huge fine if your property is found to be at fault. Give us a call!

 Photo © The Visitor.


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