Marross Welcomes a New Team Member!

Well, to be precise, we are welcoming back an old team member – Martin Walton.Martin Walton Marross Engineer

Martin started work with us on Monday 19th August, after being self-employed in the field for the last five years. But before he went freelance, Martin used to work here at Marross! We’ve known him for years, so when the opportunity arose to take on another full time engineer, he was top of our list.

Having worked in the industry for years, Martin comes to us with masses of experience and will be a real asset. He is committed to excellent customer service, and loves meeting new people. He’s looking forward to returning to Marross and seeing the familiar faces – though with the amount of time he’ll spend on the road visiting customers, he won’t see too much of us!

Outside work Martin is very keen on sports – golf, football, fishing and just about anything else.

Welcome Martin – it’s great to have you back!


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