Legionella & Water Sample Testing


Whether at the conclusion of a power flush/descale or disinfection of a domestic water system,water safe solutions can test water samples to ensure adequate ph readings/inhibitor concentration


There are many situations where Legionella testing will not be required or is not considered vital for the domestic water system providing it is well managed. However, there are many situations where the requirement for testing becomes beneficial or even essential in understanding and prioritising remedial actions to reduce risk, or to verify the effectiveness of a control scheme for example.

Sampling may also be required to monitor the risk when a control regime is known to be failing or where there is potential for micro-organisms to grow in hot and cold water systems
Sampling and detecting legionella requires specialist help.

When a sample is taken for analysis it will normally take between 10 and 12 days before you receive your final Legionella result. This is because when using the culture method for Legionella identification, you are required to wait for the organism to grow on the inoculated plate. This can take up to 10 days before anything can be identified.

However If a risk assessment suspects ingredients for legionella growth, it is likely measures will be undertaken to cleanse the system regardless of test outcome

This assessment should be reviewed at least every two years and where it may be deemed no longer valid reasons for reviewing this assessment could be:

  • Changes to the water system or its use
  • Changes to the use of the building in which the water system is installed
  • The availability of new information about risks or control measures
  • The results of checks indicating that the control measures are no longer effective
  • A case of Legionnaires’ disease / Legionellosis is associated with the system

Whilst the landlord now has a legal responsibility to prevent or control the risk from legionella in their properties, it is also important to educate the tenant into risk prevention.

Water safe solutions can work with all parties involved to create a safe environment for the tenant to live and offer peace of mind for the landlord.

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